What is hypnosis used for?

Past Life - Current Life - Future Life - Interlife
Akashic Records - Rainbow Healing - Soul Release
Hypno/Healing - Grief people or animal
Experiencer - Lost Time

weight loss
anxiety / depression / stress / phobias / panic attacks
headaches / pain management / chemo side effects
smoking cessation
sales / opportunities / public speaking
learning / test taking / focus
dental work - anxiety / pain management / bruxism
self esteem / motivation / creativity
and more..

Is hypnosis a replacement for my physical, emotional or mental care?
You must always seek medical, psychiatric or dental care providers first.
A certified hypnotist does not diagnose or prescribe medication.

Is hypnosis safe?
Hypnosis is a natural state for people or animals.. 
We are in a state of hypnosis whenever you have focus or concentrate. 
Anything you do that is automatic behavior.
(i.e. daydreaming is a state of hypnosis.)

Do I go to sleep?
Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. If you sneeze you will reach for tissue.
If the doorbell rings you will answer it.  You always have freewill,
the choice to continue in a relaxed state or return to your full conscious self.

Will I do something embarrassing, tell something private,
harm myself or not come out of hypnosis
You will do only what is acceptable to you. 
You maintain you personal value systems and ethics. 
A relaxed state is a safe place to be and come out of easily.

Will I hear you?
Yes, you will hear everything I say to you. 
Your conscious and subconscious minds will bring together
into one belief the positive suggestions given to
you by your hypnotist.

Will I remember what is said?
Yes, remembering what has been said will halp you
to create a rapid and positive change. 
You may also choose not to remember.

What happens after I return to full consciousness and original self?
You will feel good and rested.
Or you can enter a natrual sleep of much
needed reast and awaken after a pleasant nap
Fifteen minutes of hypnosis is like a two hour nap!
Will I be able to drive after a hypnosis session?
Yes. You will reamin a few minutes after
the session until you feel your usual self.

What is past life regression / future life?
A journey back into a previous incarnation or to move foward to a future life.
A healing journey to recognize unwanted behaviors or just to have fun and enjoy!

What is interlife?
A journey to explore where you are and what you are doing between your physical lives in heaven.
What is Hypno-Healing?
Combining hypnosis with healing energy creates a
more effective experience for healing changes.

What is Rainbow Healing?
Chakras are spiritual energy centers located along our spinal column and
are viewed with the Holy Eye to have God's colors -
red, orange, yellow, green or  pink, turqoise, indigo, and white.  
These chakras extend cords to connect us with the people
we meet or know.  When a relationship is in difficulty the color, texture,
size, and speed of these chakras change. A cord may be severed from
one individual to another, thereby, disconnecting an unhealthy relationship.
Rainbow Healing through hypnosis is a way to change
the cord thus changing and healing the relationship.

  Hypnosis is safe,
        relaxing, and fun!
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